Angry Birds Go Cheats

Try these codes:


Coin code: futur-2341

Cart code: dragon-god

Gem code: 23458-god

They are working for some. Try, it might work for you as well. Find more codes in the comments below.

Angry Birds Go! Rovio’s effort to take a different tangent to treat Angry birds fans with a fun filled kart racer! This free-to-play game is having so many super cool things to keep you entertained. But to increase the curiosity it is also having few options in a locked way which would demand a code to unlock it. Here are some options which would be in a locked state and the method to unlock it.

Angry Birds Go Cheats

Jenga’s Pirate Pig Attack Mode – How to unlock it?

Jenga’s Pirate pig attack mode is the game to be started by tapping the ‘Jenga’ button below the selection screen. This game is to smash the blocks and pigs. It is a secret game which can be unlocked with the code which comes along with your “Angry Birds Go Jenga Set”, otherwise it is available in the market for 2$.

Characters and Karts – How to unlock it via Telepod figures?

Ravio is promising a new way of playing by introducing Telepods, which would dematerialize the characters in one form and making them reappear in a different place where you want them to be.  This was used in Angry Birds Star Wars II, in the same way you can transport your favourite characters into the race in Angry Birds Go as well by placing the characters in the beam of the device’s camera.

Telepods are available separately in the market to ensure the compatibility with various mobile devices.

Unlockables – Power ups in State Farm

Kart Repair, one of the power ups available in State form will allow you to get a free repair service for the cart when you are racing.

Gold fish Boost, this is a speed booster available for your cart, gold fish boosts looks so cool on screen.

King Sling, the slingshot power up will launch you into the race in a faster way, but to get this punch you should be ready to pay 100 coins!

These power ups are acting like a catalyst to the race, which would definitely help you to handle the race when things get little rough in the race tracks.

Cheat Code – Where to enter in Angry Birds Go!?

Cheat codes should be typed in the Settings after your enter into the game. In the bottom left part of your screen, Settings option (two clockwork wheels icons) is available. Once you entered into the Settings option, press the “Enter Code” button, this will give an option to you to enter the 10 digit code to unlock.

We’ll add Angry Birds Go cheat codes here as soon as they are available. You can use the above tips and tricks to enjoy the Angry Birds Go games until you get more Angry Birds Go cheats from Rovio’s world.

Also note that, by buying Bomb’s real cart, you can avail the option Pay-to-win, these are Big Bang special edition cars which will ensure a guaranteed win for you. But you have to be ready to buy this for 50$ via In-app Purchase (IAP).

Happy Racing! Get..Set.. Angry Birds Go! Zoooommmm


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