Angry Birds Go Official Tralier & Release Date Out

Rovio has released the first ‘gameplay’ video of Angry Birds Go and it looks really amazing. It has lot of customizable racing karts, many characters to choose from, super powers to attack your enemies and lot more. Check out the official gameplay trailer to see what it is all about.

Amazing, isn’t it? This game has already become the talk of the town. There are going to be millions of players of it for sure.

Angry Birds Go is a kart racing game which will give stiff competition to the already famous Mario Kart, which is limited to only Nintendo console since its debut. Rovio has opted for new 3D graphics engine; characters are also 3Dfied in this game.

Rovio has also partnered with HasBro to make the Angry Birds Go toys which we reported earlier on.

The game will have an accessible control and provides special powers or weapons to attack other players in the race. It will also offer the possibility of modifying the car, alter its appearance or to improve its features.  There will be 12 characters which you can choose from. All these characters are the famous Angry Birds and bad piggies.

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The truth is that the first trailer is quite promising and it is clear that Rovio will launch the game for all platforms such as Android, Windows Phone 8 and Blackberry 10. The availability for PC is not known yet. You won’t have to pay anything to download this game as it is a free game. Rovio will make money by offerin in app purchases such as kart upgradation.

Along with the trailer, Rovio has also announced the official Angry Birds Go release date which is December 11, 2013. So, be ready!

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  1. Tony says:

    Just one word, Awesome! I loved the trailer and I’m pretty sure game will be even more amazing to play. I ahve played kart racing games before but since this is coming from Rovio, it is going to be best out of all with new twists and features. Just can’t wait.

  2. bouallam says:


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