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Angry Birds Go! Yet another fun packed entertainer from Rovio’s world. This is definitely going to take Angry birds to the next level, that too in full 3D! Our cute little Angry birds characters that have been traveling so far in the sling shots are getting into the Kart to race! Yes! Angry Bird’s Go is a free-to-play kart racer in which our favorite Angry Birds stars will be racing in the downhill. This game is available for the Angry Bird lovers in the iOS and Android market.

People who really want to play Angry Birds Go are definitely having so many questions around the techniques and tips in playing. Here we have the Angry Bird’s Go! Tips.

Angry birds go tips

How to collect more gold coins in the Angry Birds Go! race?

There will be plenty of gold coins in the racing laps. You can collect these gold coins by simply driving through them. The more coins you have, there would be more options to enhance your racing. There is also an option to collect double coins forever. Fans who are ready to spend $6.99 for this fun pack can enjoy this option. We’ll add some cheat codes soon on this site to increase the coin count. Stay connected!

How to upgrade the Angry Birds Go! Kart?

Upgrading karts to efficient speed machines will help you to win! Kart can be upgraded in terms of Strength, Top speed, Acceleration and Handling. To do this, select the attribute you want to upgrade and hit the + symbol till you get the level you want and hit the button again to make the upgrade. But remember, to upgrade you have to use your gold coins.

How to unlock the Angry Birds Go! characters?

Game is giving two options to you to unlock the characters. You can either buy a telepod figures which would help to beam the heroes and villains in the game or you have to beat the characters in the Champion chase event.

How to use the slingshots for a better race in Angry Birds Go!?

To give a good start to our heroes, the hold is in your hand. You can pull, aim for a good position, wait for the countdown and release it. Make use of this efficiently to give a good start to the race!

Few more Angry Birds Go tips:

  1. You would get gems in the game if you beat the champion chase event and few will be on the way of race itself. You can acquire it when you drive through them and you can use these gems to recharge your tired racing characters.
  2. You can change the characters whenever you feel that the racing character is tired. Before starting the race, it is better if you check the energy level indicator at the top right.
  3. You can unleash the special power of the characters by tapping the lightning icon which appears in the right side of the screen. You can also buy 3 powers, if 3 gems per power are affordable for you.
  4. You can take the decision to change the kart by considering the path you are going to select for the race.
  5. You can choose Time boom and Fruit splash options to race in the track when you participate to gain the gold coins. Because you can just concentrate on the time and gather the coins and fruits available in the track, you can collect it by simply drive through them.

With all these Angry Birds Go tips you can have a fun ride in the track! And we have lot more to offer you, stay connected with us for all the Angry Birds Go fun.

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