Angry Birds Match game cheats, tips, and tricks

Angry Birds Match is one of the newest releases from Rovio. The Match-3 game has been released with one of the most adorable characters from their stable so far- the Hatchlings. The principal goal of the game is to unlock the Hatchlings- the incredibly cute baby birds- and help them to join their siblings along the way. Like all the other games in this series, the Angry Birds Match has also garnered immense popularity since is release. As was expected, this time, Rovio has upped the difficulty level considerably with the Angry Birds Match game, and users are again looking for cheats and tricks to unlock all the Hatchlings. If you are one of those users that are looking for some f the cheats that will enable you to unlock the Hatchlings, read on.

angry birds match cheats tips

Use bottom tier birds

If you have already been playing the game for some time, then you know that unlocking new Hatchlings get you one free accessory every few levels. You have the option of buying new accessories, but that costs you gold coins. But the good news is, the more accessories you have, the more are your chances of winning bonus points. But you might not be that comfortable with investing a lot of coins for more accessories right at the beginning. In that case, your best bet would be to buy all the accessories you get at the beginning, for unlocking the birds at the bottom tiers, and then work your way up. Of course, the accessories at the bottom of the ladder are neither as cool nor as pretty as the sunglasses you will get for Jim or the hair accessories that Zoë will get you, but it will definitely be a lot more economical.

Stay focused on your goal

Be focused when you are clearing obstacles. Those little Piggies, cute as they may be, are certainly quite a bit of a nuisance hen you are targeting as many Hatchlings as possible with a limited number of moves. So, it is best to focus on one thing at a time. Sometimes, you need to clear only the muck, and sometimes only the pgs need to be removed. Focus on the task at hand, and, tempting as it may be, do not go chasing the pigs when clearing the mud will pave the way forward for you. Clearing the pigs will certainly get you some bonus points, so you might be tempted to spend a move or two chasing the pigs as well. But remember, some pigs will inevitably get cleaned in the process of clearing the muck even without having to spend extra moves on them.

Stay away from events

Events are going to be very tempting when you are playing the Angry Birds Match game. These are challenges you need to complete within a given time frame, and, if you are able to finish the event, you will be rewarded with a really cool and useful outfit. Understandably, this is pretty important for a pro player, but you need to keep in mind that going after the premium chest will cost you a lot of moves and some gems. If you are really focusing on the event levels, you might lose out on earning level points that are required to unlock the Hatchlings. Levels that end in unlocking the Hatchlings are usually a lot more difficult than the standard levels, and will probably require a number of tries before a Hatchling is unlocked. Each try will require lives and bonuses, so it is not a good idea to use them up trying to play the event levels. And, if you are really bent on playing the events, do not waste gems retrying if you fail to clear the level at the first go; you will need them later on to get extra moves.

Calculate your moves

Calculate how you want to release your birds. For instance, if you release multiple birds whose paths intersect with one another, you will clear a lot more than any one single bird would manage. Intersecting paths will ensure that whole rows in different directions are cleared, as opposed to a single direction cleared by releasing a single bird. Besides, it is a smart move to check out the best waterfall effect created by the birds before releasing them.

These above-mentioned tips and tricks will probably help you the most in the Angry Bird Match game. But, if they are not enough, you can always keep in mind some simple tricks, such as finishing as fast as possible and saving maximum moves; this way, you will earn a coin for every move you don’t use. And, connecting to social media on the game is always a sure shot way of earning some free moves.

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