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Fortnite is a highly popular game, but with a slight difference; the game for starters is not that easy to master on the word ‘go’ and it gets progressively harder which makes it all the more interesting. At the least, you are required to have a good strategy and be well versed in the game itself to proceed to the next stage. The premise of the game is fairly simple, where you are required to save the humanity and engage in battle. So if you are looking to jump into battle royal with fortnite, you may want to review the following tips and tricks which should enable you to master the game in no time at all.

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  • Choose your fights: While the purpose of the game is to take on the baddies and win the battle the point is that you need to be strategic and pick your battles carefully. In other words, you just do not go on looking for trouble but pick each battle strategically as that can help improve your chances of winning the game. Remember the sole focus is to survive the battle and not to lay down your virtual life in vain; so it is perfectly okay to run away if you come up against a stronger opponent.
  • Avoid the storm: One of the things that you would have to avoid at all times when playing fortnite is the storm. It is a behemoth and you cannot ride it to safety, so always run away when you see the storm approaching. As you head up towards higher levels, you are bound to come across the storm often and always, run away from it.
  • Tools: One of the interesting features of this game is that you can acquire various tools to help you process to the next level. These various tools and items can help you vanquish an opponent and move to the next battle but one thing you need to remember is to shoot first and loot later. You are bound to come across loot cases and before you hurry to loot and bulk up on various items and tools, you may want to first scope the area out first to make sure that there are no nasty surprises waiting in the wings.
  • Well balanced load-out: Make sure that you are loaded up and prepped to fight the battles ahead. It is important that you make sure that your weapons are loaded and that you would not be caught unawares; for example, you would not bring a knife to a gun fight, right? So make sure that you have a well-balanced loadout in the form of a sniper rifle, an assault rifle, and a shotgun along with two other items of inventory that you think would be useful in your fights. Remember to pick your battles carefully and ensure that you got all your weapons primed and ready to fire on sight.
  • Track your opponents: The game comes with various structures and as they form part of the scenery you can use the same to make a few assumptions. For example, you can use a vantage point to spot other opponents and track them down. Similarly, if you come across a ramp leading to a mountain, chances are high that the enemies may have relocated to the same and you can utilize this information to your advantage.
  • Bring down tall structures: The game does throw up myriad structures and makes it possible to build multi-layer structures easily. So you can always build one that gives you an advantage over others. Similarly, you can also bring down tall structures by firing repeatedly at the base or throwing a grenade or two at the base and that should cause the tall structure to topple over completely.
  • Supply drops: As the game progresses to the next level, you would be coming across various supply drops. Usually, these supply drops often contain next-gen weapons which can provide you with an edge over the rest of the competition. So when you come across one, snag it, build a safe shelter around yourself and then crack it open to see what goodies it contains.


The game is indeed quite interesting and the fact that it allows you to build tall ramps or even build a bridge to cross the lake, it comes graded, making each level difficult. And the various scenarios make it all the more interactive where you are required to use strategic thinking to win the game. In short, if you are into game playing, then fortnite is your best bet for some classic entertainment.


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