Angry Birds Go Is A Kart Racing Game

What Is Angry Birds Go

Ever since the teaser video of Angry Birds Go was revealed by Rovio, everyone was guessing what kind of game it would be. Some were expecting it to be a racing game while some said it would be never ending running game like Temple Run. Well, you no longer need to scratch your head over it, as Rovio (the creators of Angry Birds) have revealed that Angry Birds Go will be a cart racing game.

angry birds go

Check out the video below, in which Kalle from the Rovio games team talks about the upcoming game, Angry Birds Go. You can also see some behind the scenes footage in this video. In the video, Kyle reveals that there were plans to make a never ending running game but they dumped the idea and come up with Angry Birds Go with the help of Red Bull. The end of video says, “All will be revealed soon”. While many are excited about this game, some are complaining that it is going to be a copy of Mario Kart.

It’s still a mistry for us that whether it’ll be a multiplayer game or a single player game. Whatever it is, it’s going to be a fun game, that’s for sure, because Rovio always comes up with amazing games. We are sure it’ll be available for all the platforms including iOS, Android & PC, just like the previous Rovio games. We just can’t wait for the launch of Angry Birds Go. Can you? What are your expectations from the Angry Birds Go? Speak out in the comments below.

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