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Do you like to play games? Yes? Well, everyone does! After all, it’s the best way to get entertained in this modern technology-rich world. If you have been a gaming freak for quite some time now, then the name ‘Angry Birds’ is what you are most likely to be already familiar with. Angry Birds started as game for iOS, and is now a complete game series with each of the game having the name ‘Angry Birds’ attached with it. This series has seven games in it, and soon, the 8th one is coming to join the list. Yeah, next Angry Birds game is coming shortly. Angry Birds Go is what is going to be 8th member of Angry Birds family. Take a look at the teaser of the game below:

‘Rovio’, the developer of Angry Birds games, posted on its official website to make all aware about the upcoming Angry Birds Go. A website has also been launched for this upcoming game. It seems that Rovio is nowhere in the mood of losing its huge fan base. This new game will refresh all lovers of Angry Birds series, who might have got bored by playing previous seven Angry Birds games. Here’s what company has written in its blog post:

“Those birds and piggies are getting ready for their most thrilling and action-packed game yet! All your favorite characters are returning for a brand new title that will bring you closer to Piggy Island than ever before.”

The website launched for this upcoming Angry Birds game does not have much to tell about the game, but at least, it tells more than what the words written by company in its blog post. If you visit the website launched for Angry Birds Go, you will be welcomed by the words —  ‘Ready’…’Set’…’Go’– flashing on the screen. The end of the flash reads “Something new is coming”, along with the ‘Angry Birds Go!’ written in the right bottom side.

angry birds go

Well, if you are looking for more details of Angry Birds Go!, then we have nothing but a sorry to say. Wait! In fact, Rovio has nothing to tell you at the moment. It has just teased its fans by making blog post and launching site, nothing else is announced in this aspect yet. Maybe Rovio wants to create curiosity in its fans, and it has successfully done so. By the way, the words –  ‘Ready’…’Set’…’Go’ – gives the feeling as Angry Birds Go is going to be any racing game. If it actually comes out to be so, then this upcoming Angry Birds Go will be quite interesting, a totally different Angry Birds game.

As far the release of the game is concerned, the Rovio is yet to announce that. It’s also unclear that which platforms will the Angry Birds Go be hitting first, and with what price tag? Rovio has advised all of its fans to stay connected with the company on social media. So what’s waiting for? Do the same to stay updated with latest happenings coming in this aspect. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our blog, as we’ll keep you posted whenever there is any minor or major update from Rovio.cts


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